character Investors Better Off With UK Mortgage

character Investors Better Off With UK Mortgage

character investors are being advised to buy British in order to ensure the highest provide and lowest risk on their cash.

Assetz International claims that UK mortgages offer healthier returns than those in overseas investment hotspots like Bulgaria do.

The international character investment group claims that character investors looking for safe investments with good returns should look to the UK, particularly as the Bulgarian character market is now starting to slow.

Price rises in Bulgaria have slowed from 116 per cent last year to just a 35 per cent in 2006, while the British housing market remains strong, with competitive mortgage rates and comparatively low deposits are required to obtain character.

Assetz managing director, Stuart Law, explained: “While Bulgaria nevertheless has value as a holiday home destination and is likely to be a reasonable investment for the long-term, the days of moment gains appear to be over for the time being.”

The Assetz report states that the annual rate of return on funds invested in UK character has soared from 37 per cent in July to 50 per cent in September, with prices up by 8.1 per cent during the past year. character market inflation in Bulgaria is expected to stabilise at between ten and 15 per cent over the coming 12 months.

Bulgarian authorities are nevertheless keen to attract foreign investors to the country and have launched a number of initiatives to promote the character market overseas.

Nearly half the nation is walking a “financial high wire“, new research warns.

Scottish Widows found that many Britons are not prepared for an unexpected loss of income, with many leaving themselves with no option other than a loan to cover a sudden change in circumstances.

already though more than two in five households require two incomes to continue their standard of living, few have taken out insurance against the loss of one income, either by illness or death.

additionally, nearly a third of households have no savings at all, while a quarter have less than 3,000 meaning they could be forced to take out a loan to survive for more than three months.

“The majority of the population is walking a financial high wire without a safety net,” warned Nick Kirwan, Scottish Widows’ protection market director.

He said: “Nobody knows what is around the corner, but we have to accept that all too often illness does strike and accidents do happen.

“If people don’t start to take responsibility for their own financial futures then they could be left in a position where they can’t already cover the basic expenditure in their lives.”

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