Ceres Living MLM Review – Stem Cell Research Pros and Cons About AIO S…

Ceres Living MLM Review – Stem Cell Research Pros and Cons About AIO S…

You already probably have heard of your proportion of controversial issues pertaining to the pros and cons of this kind of research. Just to let you know that the pros outweigh the cons by an astronomical margin. I am not saying this just to express favoritism towards Ceres Living. One thing you need to be aware of regarding the cons of this kind of research is the fact that human rights activists consider the use of embryonic stem cells as equivalent to the taking of a human life. I am going to disclose two other types of stem cells that do not include the use of embryos.

Fact: Stem Cells Extracted From Embryos With A 100 Cell Structure Are Used To Create Stem Cell Lines

Before I delve into the other two types of cells that are less controversial, let me clarify what they are and how do they function. The human body consists of billions of cells that make up every part of our body. Without them, we just cannot live. Life begins in the womb as a tiny little cell structure that divides and multiply in numbers. For example, a cell gets divided into two cells, then four, and so forth. I think you get the picture.

The term “stem cell lines” was produced for the purpose of explaining the time of action of embryonic cells being divided into a 100 cell structure. And from that specific number, the cells are collected from the embryo. They are then placed in a collection bank in the same manner that blood is being collected at a blood bank facility for future use. The collection of cells from embryos require the destruction of that embryo. This is where human rights activists object to the taking of the human life. They are declaring any embryo a human life in spite of how progressive their cell structure is.

The collection of cells from the embryo creates a new line of cells (stem cell lines) which is an exact replica of where it originally came from. These are collected and stored for future use, such as improving the quality of life by cell substitute therapy via injection of stem cells to replace the ones that were either destroyed by disease, trauma, or chemotherapy. For example, a person experiencing from stroke has lost the use of one side of their mobility such as their left arm, left jaw, left leg, and so forth. By injecting them into those areas, it can restore their mobility.

What Are The Two Remaining That Are Not As Controversial As The Embryonic?

Umbilical cord stem cells and adult stem cells are the two forms of cell collection course of action that do not include the destruction of embryos. Umbilical cord cells are collected at the time of birth to be used for future emergencies as an insurance policy for the infant. Those cells can also be used by the father, mother, or anyone who is closely related by cell kind.

Adult stem cells are extracted from the bone marrow of human beings and can be used closest. These cells can be used by anyone without any requirement for a cell match. In blood donation circumstances, there must be a match in blood kind for the recipient.

The Most Important Question Lingering In Your Mind – Does AIO Stem Cell Drink be make up of consistently Stem Cells?

AIO health drink, also known as AIO Premium Cellular Health, is manufactured by MLM company Ceres Living under the close supervision of NeoStem, the leading authority in the network expansion of stem cell collection edges that specializes in proprietary methods of that kind of research.

The drink does not be make up of consistently stem cells. If it does, just imagine the look on people’s faces as they grimace at the thought of ingesting them. So why is it called a stem cell drink anyway if it doesn’t contain any at all? It is basically a drink that has been produced specifically for the purpose of providing continuous nourishment to the cell structure. When it comes to health and wellness products in relation to preserving the integrity of the human body’s cell structure, who else can you trust more other than a rare MLM company that truly understands their complexity inside and out.

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