Carbon Copy Pro Review – Does Jay Kubassek’s System Work?

Carbon Copy Pro Review – Does Jay Kubassek’s System Work?

What is Carbon Copy Pro? Carbon Copy Pro is a company that teaches people how to market an online business. I have done some research and I have found that the three products that they sell are priced from $1,995 to 19,995. After finding this information by Google, my only question is: how can someone provide to market this business without going broke?

Jay Kubassek and Mike Dillard are the ones who own the company. It has existed for over four years now.

Some examples of some of the titles they advertise on are “How to consolidate your debt,” or “How to protect your assets.”

How Much Does Carbon Copy Pro Cost?

The 3 products are packages M-1 running at $1995, M-2 running at $8,995, and M-3 19,995. Also for a $100 a month, the distributors receive the sets of a call center that closes sales and provides customer service.

In addition to the call center, the company sells a DVD featuring Mike Dillard and Jay Kubassek. The DVD is required for all who plan to be apart of the business. The DVD is priced at $49.95, and it helps explain to distributors how to market the business for profit.

The compensation plan works by giving out commission checks every time a sale is made on one of the products. The checks typically are 4 figure commission checks, which is considerably higher than most MLM commission checks.

The compensation plan also includes residual overrides, which rewards distributors for training and helping their recruits.

I also checked around on the training that the company has, some people say it is ineffective. However, there are those who are doing well in the business. They offer a free website, which is a personalized and self replicated version of the company’s hosted site.

Second, there are live conference calls and video trainings. The video trainings allow you to listen to the regular team calling trainings.

Third, you receive an email training for 365 days. The emails are scheduled to come to you daily, giving you building tips and encouragement.

Getting back to the product line, the main product that they sell is priced at $8,995. The product is called Wealth Masters International.

If you are considering this business it is possible for you to unprotected to success. However, be certain to understand that the value is in the education and training. Being instructed how to market properly online, will help you to succeed at any product, program, or service you wish to promote.

Carbon Copy Pro is a authentic business and those who apply hard work will make money online. My only main concern is evaluating the prices, are the claims inflated?

Can I sell $1995-$19,995 worth of sales and recruit other people to duplicate profit in addition? If the answer is yes, then this is a great opportunity for you to use to create wealth online.

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