Black Stink Bugs

Black Stink Bugs

Black stink bugs or Poxys punculatis are probably the most commonly identified stink bug. Another black beetle which emits an odor is mistaken as the ths bug in parts of Texas. The meaningful mistake is that those beetles are not the right shape. They are oval instead of possessing the proper protect shaped body of a stink bug.

The black bug is native to Arizona to Florida to Pennsylvania to Illinois to Missouri. They can also be found in Mexico and South America.

As with any variety of stink bug, you can find them wherever there is somewhere to hide and eat such as an overgrowth of vegetation.

As the name implies, the this bug is chiefly black. It has a protect shaped body which is typical of all stink bugs. This variety will have a single yellow dot on its back. The black bug has black legs which will have yellowish bands. It is about 12 mm in length and 6 mm in width.

The dominant diet of this bug is that of plant juices. They will most likely satisfy on leaves of plants. It has been suggested that they are predators among insects meaning that they will hunt, kill, and eat smaller defenseless insects.

They will keep protected from the elements throughout winter and come back out in the spring when it warms up.

The females will seek out somewhere to lay their eggs. Typically the eggs are laid anywhere from April to December. The female will seek out a appropriate leaf and place her eggs on the underside. These eggs are oval in shape and are placed in clusters of up to 130 eggs. These eggs will be yellow in color and take on a shade of pink before they are ready to hatch. Eggs which have been laid in the summer months will generally take just 5 days to hatch. Eggs laid in the fall can take up to 3 weeks to hatch.

The adult will mate up to 4 times a year. Each time they mate, it could take as long as 3 days. It doesn’t take long for the females to mature enough to lay eggs. This is usually about 4 weeks after reaching adulthood.

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