Black Magic Victim: Road To Recovery

If you are experiencing from black magic and psychic attack I know how you feel. Know that there is a road to recovery and many have made the uphill climb towards the light before you. Do you want to know more about how to turn negative energy into positive energy? Did you know there is a WAY to protect the mind, body, and spirit from all kinds of evil energy? If you want to know more, read on!

Here are functional ways on how to survive and prosper from black magic psychic attacks.

1.This is the very first step. You MUST clarify the cause of the negative energy directed at you. The dark energy of the occult is often hard to identify and uncover. If this is your case use a psychic to guide you.

2. Begin to build your life force once your decision has been made you are going to FIGHT and win! Know that you can enhance your life, and fix, and then transmute negative energy into a much lighter and uplifting form of energy. You will be surprised how much you learn about the constructive use of your inner powers while on the road to recovery.

3. Take observe of what is going into your body as fuel. Occult vibrations are not to be messed with and it is now time to look at all life areas and begin to raise your energy. Eating well will take care of the physical energy side of the equation.

4. Take lots of showers. Drink plenty of water to stay well hydrated. Water on both the inside and the outside helps a lot.

5. Begin a spiritual practice. Any kind of a spiritual practice increases the light within you. The more light you shine the weaker any kind of dark spell, curse, or hex becomes. This is a meaningful concept to understand. The more light you have within, the harder spells and hexes have to work, and the less impact they have upon you. Make sense?

6. Carry a black tourmaline crystal stone on you for additional energy protection.

7. Speak to your spirit guides and ask for guidance, revelations, and messages to assist you upon your journey. We receive far more help from above than we realize. We are allowed to call higher beings like Angels and light bringers for additional help.

8. Visit character often and let your mind, body, and spirit absorb the vibrations of character. Natural surroundings give a calming effect. Plus you have fresh air and time away from stressful environments and this only helps.

9. Avoid visiting negative places with heavy and dark vibrations. Locations like gambling dens, alcoholic bars, and graveyards are off limits if you are battling black magic. You have already made a decision to enhance and to fix your situation, and these places of visitation offer little assistance!

10. Create a strong sustain network around you. Good friends are worth their weight in GOLD. King Solomon was right. Quality friendships provide a great sustain network to conquer the challenge of heavy occult energy.

Thanks for reading this article on the black magic victim and the road to recovery. I know if you have this problem it is a BIG challenge for you. My best advice? Hang in there and keep going!

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