Birth Control Tips While On Vacation

Birth Control Tips While On Vacation

Many women find it easy to keep up with their birth control responsibilities when they are at home in their regular routine. When you have to travel, especially when going on vacation, this schedule is thrown into disarray. This method you’ll have to do some planning if you want to stick with your routine. One tip you might be interested in is packing some emergency contraception in case you forget to take your pills or something else goes wrong. Otherwise, here are some tips that can help you stay on target.

Keep Backup Methods

If your luggage gets misplaced by the airline or you otherwise lose your birth control, it’s wise to have a backup just in case. The best backup to have at the ready is a box of condoms. Not only are they the only products effective when it comes to protecting people against the spread of STDs, but they are highly effective when it comes to preventing pregnancy. Sometimes couples, in lieu of a practiced, tried and true method of protection, will stray into dubious methods that have a success rate too low for comfort. Don’t fall into that trap.

Depo Planning

If you take your birth control in the form of Depo-Provera, you’ll generally be okay in terms of being protected. As a general rule, you should get the shot every 12 weeks. Having said that, there is some room for error. If your vacation falls on the week you were scheduled to get the shot, you can always go in and get it the week before. You could already wait until the following week. There have been studies conducted that suggest you can stretch it already further than that, but it isn’t advisable to test the limits.


At home, you probably have no problem keeping contraceptives in a safe place out of the unhealthy heat and sun that can deteriorate the material. On vacation, this can become another matter. It is one you should be cognizant of. It doesn’t take long for a condom to lose its effectiveness when left in heat and sunlight. Once the material has been compromised, its effectiveness as a method of birth control goes down considerably. Take the necessary precautions to keep any contraceptives in storage that will protect them.

Alternatives To The Pill

There are several popular alternatives to the pill that can make having to remember your birth control a non-issues. Shots, hormonal therapies, and other products can be given on a semi-annual basis, taking the routine and guesswork out of the equation. Consider switching to one of these methods if you find remembering to take the pill too much of a hassle.

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