Best Friend is the Pillar of Strength and Courage

Best Friend is the Pillar of Strength and Courage

Life is filled with invigorating relationships that influence your life in some or the other way. The best among these is the friendship that bonds you with friends who touch your life in a special way.

Friends play a vital role in everyone’s life. Whether good or bad, they form an integral part of your life as they influence every phase of your life and affect every move of your life. There are good friends and bad friends and fortunately in both situations we have the freedom to choose. Since the time a child starts socializing, he or she meet new people and start choosing friends among them. The kind of friend chosen greatly influences the social, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth of the child.

Good friends are those who praise you on your back and identify your mistakes on your confront while bad friends may be good and charming in front but at the back they spell out all your mistakes and you tend to be a part of their funny conversations. In life, it is very crucial to select the best set of friends.

Now, when you have a good set of friends, you should select your best friend. Not all can be your best friend as not everything can be shared with everyone. Do you have a best friend? If yes, then how do you estimate your best friend?

A best friend is someone with whom you can go by life in a comforting way, with whom you can proportion all troubling subjects, who become a part of all your joys, and in whom you see your own reflection. There are possibilities when you are encircled with loads of worries and have countless of friends but already then you stand alone at the mercy of life. All these will be with you in happy hours but during a nightmare they will turn their faces and enjoy with other peer groups. Among the long list of friends, none deserves to keep up a special place in your heart and life. You need to have that special someone in your life in whose eyes you see your world, within whom you discover your soul, and with whom you learn the true essence of life.

If you have already one such friend like this then trust you are blessed with eternal happiness. He or she forms a channel by which you can keep going without worry and fear. He or she will motivate you and help you reach your desired goal already if it’s beyond reasonable boundaries. In difficult times, a best friend will show you the way by darkness and will continuously keep on delivering strength and courage to fight and conquer the world. Be it any harsh situation or the greatest tribulation, he or she will stand beside you and be your pillar of strength. Such a friend improves happiness and abates misery by doubling your joys and dividing your grief.

There are many ways a best friend can enhance your life and make your life more beautiful. in any case you get from your friend should always be returned with additional interest. If they love you, drench your friend in an unending rain of love, if they care for you, lighten their life with special morning sunlight, and if they respect you give them a potential of commitment. Come what may, such friendship should be treasured till eternity.

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