Benefits of Keratin Based Hair Care – Why to Use Coppola Keratin Treat…

Benefits of Keratin Based Hair Care – Why to Use Coppola Keratin Treat…

Keratin is a protein and it is found in our hair, skin, nails and teeth. When we are born, our hair contains about 85% keratin, but overtime, aging and hair treatments such as coloring cause the keratin levels to lower greatly. The consequence may be dry, brittle, frizzy or without-luster hair.

Many ladies look to salon treatments like the Coppola Keratin Treatment to fix these hair issues, especially those with curly or frizzier hair types. There are several methods for straightening the hair, such as Brazilian blowouts or Japanese straightening. These tend to be harsher and more chemically based treatments. When a keratin based smoothing treatment is applied, the hair regains it’s smooth and silky texture. If you have curly hair, this can straighten it while nevertheless leaving the hair soft and manageable. It will also eliminate frizz, because the hair is hydrated.

There are a lot of keratin based hair products to use as often as daily such as, clarifying shampoos and conditioners, thorough and leave in conditioners, smoothing serums and damage prevention products for those that like to blow-dry or iron their hair frequently.

Keratin based products are popular because they are mostly organic and not complete of the harsh chemicals that other products have. Many do contain formaldehyde, but products such as the Coppola Keratin Treatment only contain a very small amount and does not have a bad odor that many salon treatments do.

The Coppola Keratin Treatment last between 4-6 months if properly cared for, and as the treatment wears away, there is no line of demarcation in the hair between the smooth treated hair and the untreated curly or frizzy hair. This is a huge assistance of the product.

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