Bedini Magnetic Motor – Demonstrating How To strength Your Home For Free

Bedini Magnetic Motor – Demonstrating How To strength Your Home For Free

The Bedini magnetic motor is a phrase that some people use to describe one or more of John Bedini’s many magnetic generator devices that are capable of creating usable energy for free. In this article I will tell you more about John Bedini and his motors and how you can create your own motor that is capable of generating at the minimum 7 kilowatts of electricity for all your home needs.

John Bedini And His Motors

John Bedini is an audio engineer hailing from California. He has done much groundbreaking and pioneering work during his career and his legacy can be found inside many home appliances. He is also a passionate supporter of zero point magnetic motor technology which has seen him create several different devices.

A magnetic motor is a device that generates electricity for free from “radiant energy” all around us, thanks to a number of strategically placed magnets within it. This is based on zero point technology, a fring area of physics that has only recently enjoyed a resurgence in popularity. Bedini has produced several motors mainly for the purpose of demonstrating this technology and showing it to others to spread the information. However, he is not alone in developing such motors.

How To Create Your Own Magnetic Motor

I believe that most of Bedini’s motors only generate low strength and not enough to sustain a household. However, you can make your own, just like Bedini did.

A magnetic motor is very simple: it is usually nothing more than a rotor made of metal, the magnets and some very basic electrical wiring. The parts can be obtained very cheaply and a device can be constructed and up and running in a matter of days.

This is made much more likely if you do not develop your own motor totally from scratch like Bedini and others have done. Instead, today you can buy a set of reliable, tried and tested plans for a moderate amount (around $50). If you take this route then you will truly save much more money, of the order of several hundred or thousand dollars, because your generator will be up and running that much quicker and you will be able to say “goodbye” to the electricity company in a matter of days instead of months.

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