Astrology, Numerology & Prediction – Approximate Time of Your Death is Destined

Astrology, Numerology & Prediction – Approximate Time of Your Death is Destined

A client told us that he’s had at the minimum seven bad accidents

throughout his life. At the scene of the last one (a car roll-

over), after walking away without a scratch, a stranger told

him “God has something special for you.” He asked us if

those accidents could have been his possible destined times

of death and what God might have in store for him. Our

answer to him is below.

According to expert astrologers, numerologists, past life

regression therapists, and life between life researchers, we

all have several possible destined times of departing Earth,

with the actual time of departure holding the highest probability.

consequently, all of the accidents you experienced may not have

been your time to leave.

We don’t know what the special thing is that God has for you.

The stranger’s comment may be just their perception of the

situation; many people are under the impression that if you

survive an accident God must have “spared” you. According

to the experts in the fields listed above, God doesn’t determine

when you die, you (your soul, not your personality) have

already established this before incarnating.

Perhaps you set up (on a soul level) these accidents to cherish

life more or for some other reasons.

By the way, although we don’t specialize in death timing, by

our predictive numerology and astrology work, we are capable of

calculating probable dates of death, but we choose instead to

focus on less morbid topics.

Some say that when it’s your time to move into the afterlife, it’s

your time and nothing changes that. This must be considered in

relation to the soul’s journey by many lifetimes, and in

between those lifetimes, when souls often do important work

on the other side, as our past life regression findings indicate.

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