Ask a Psychic – Is the Afterlife Real?

Ask a Psychic – Is the Afterlife Real?

Who else has ever asked themselves about the afterlife? Do you find yourself comforted by your faith when you consider the concept of life after life? Maybe you’ve always just known in your “gut” that this can’t be all there is? Or maybe you are a hard chief skeptic and cynic like I used to be?

No matter how many people try to laugh off the idea, each and every one of us at some point or another considers the idea of an afterlife, and whether or not we (and our loved ones) will continue to “live” after this life is over.

I’m going to tell you something very controversial, and something some of you may NOT be comfortable hearing…but is very true for me nonetheless.

I truly believe the very BEST evidence for an afterlife comes from psychic mediums.


Because having a firsthand experience where information is given to you about a loved one who is gone can be a life changing encounter. Being offered specific circumstances, conversations and details about a relationship with someone who has passed on, that you know in your gut would be IMPOSSIBLE for the psychic to know otherwise, is the best evidence you can get that there is life after death.

And what’s already more powerful to ME is this:

As a writer and researcher of psychic experiences, I’ve had many conversations with clergy, philosophers, skeptics, atheists, agnostics and true blue believers over the years about what happens when we die. The truth is, everyone has things they say that SOUND good, but that are almost always based or grounded in faith, or philosophy, or in something they were taught in school. But the only people who have the real chief KNOWING are those that are able to experience that world now! (as in, those that are able to communicate with those who “live” there, and report back on what awaits us all)

At the end of the day, and I know this is NOT going to be popular to say with some, but the very best way to get afterlife evidence is to speak to those that can access those worlds, whenever they choose. I was once a hard chief skeptic myself, but when a psychic medium, a total stranger at the time…get me oodles of personal information about one of my deceased loved ones, it was impossible for me to stay skeptical for long. That experience opened me up to the magic, and the mystery of the unknown…and the adventure I’ve been on since has been a non stop ride of amazing experiences you would have to see to believe!

The good news is, all of the above is obtainable to each of us. You just need an open mind, and an inquisitive spirit to find out for yourself!

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