Are Your similarities Ready for Fall?

Are Your similarities Ready for Fall?

All over the country we’re ready for some climate change, you know, that normal cooling off that happens this time of year. Are your similarities ready? Rentals-Rehabs-Personal?

Here are 8 things you should do now:

1. Check the roof. Is your roof in good enough shape to make it by upcoming cold, wind, snow, ice? When doing a rehab, I like to replace the roof closest when it needs it. Leaks and roof problems can ruin a great rehab!

2. Clean the gutters. As leaves are falling, clogged gutters increase the chance of wood decay and pest infestations. Make sure all gutters are securely fastened to soffits to prevent unnecessary leakage and damage, and keep them clean of debris.

3. Lawn maintenance. This is the time of year to cut back shrubs so the branches can heal before cold hits. It’s the perfect time for transplanting in addition as aerating and reseeding. Be sure in-ground sprinklers are blown out and winterized before halting temps hit.

4. Tune-up the furnace. Now, before the HVAC guys are booked up. You DO NOT want to turn on the heat when it gets cold inside, only to find that your system isn’t working. Plus, keeping the HVAC regularly serviced and at peak performance saves on heating and cooling bills, in addition as prolongs the life of the unit.

5. Check your windows. Probably the number one place in any house for air loss is cracked, thin, and/or poorly fitted windows. Replace broken panes and make sure all seals are tight. To pass inspection, by the way, all windows must open and close securely and you want that in your home, too, for increased safety in addition as insulation.

6. Add insulation. If you haven’t done it, have yours checked. It’s pretty simple to add more where needed or have additional insulation blown into walls, ceilings and attic. Don’t forget to check under the house. Tac up any fallen insulation strips and replace wet, damaged and missing sections.

7. Check door frames. Another shared place for heat loss. Replace any rotted wood and make sure doors close and seal firmly. There are plenty of easy ways to fill in air gaps obtainable at your local hardware stores.

8. Fireplace – Yay, I love this time of year! Have your chimney checked for leaks and fractures. Have the flu cleaned of debris that could catch fire when you start burning this winter. Whether your fireplace is gas or burns real logs, now’s the time to have it prepped for winter use.

Are your similarities ready? What can you add to this list?

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