Ampegy Energy

Ampegy is a new MLM/Networking company on the block, entering the recently de-regulated gas and electricity industries. The question is whether or not Ampegy is good choice for you in an industry where there is already substantial competition. This article will discuss the industry in general and Ampegy specifically.


The gas and electric markets are about 6 times larger than the telecommunications market. Think about it. Literally everyone needs and has electricity. In a recession when people are trying to save money, who would not want to save money on their electric bill. People would drop their landline telephone service, their cable TV, their Tivo, their internet service and already their cell phone service before not paying their electric bill. When the telecommunications was de-regulated people saved millions when they were given a choice. And. Entrepreneurs who seized the opportunity made fortunes.


Spark Energy, a 10 years old,well established company based in Texas is the parent company of Ampegy. It is the network marketing division and was recently launched in February, 2011. They currently offer discounted gas and electric service in 7 states. It’s interesting to observe that Steve Smith is the Chief Marketing Officer. Mr. Smith designed the compensation plan for Excel and made millions with that company. That is both good news, because of his great experience and not so good news. He started another company in Dallas in 2009, called iJango. The BBB issued a consumer warning about that company and there is some controversy surrounding that situation which you may want to analyze further.


There are already several network marketing companies established in the discount energy market – Ignite/Stream Energy, Ambit, Affordable Energy, AMA Nation, and ACN recently announced their entry into the market.Top producers from these companies are already moving around. This is not uncommon in the industry, because like the specialized sports world, top performers are often offered huge signing bonuses to switch teams. For example, the president of Spark Energy recently recruited Bob Danuff, who was the # 1 Recruiter and top earner for AMA Nation. That, in my opinion may or may not be a mistake, because it appears to me that AMA has a superior compensation plan, a more diversified product line and a larger footprint.


The plan appears to be very similar to the plan designed by Steve Smith for Excel. It consists of a combination of immediate income from recruiting and residual income from acquiring customers. Residual income from customer acquisition varies from company to company within the industry, but ranges from $4.00 to $7.00 per month. In any case, representatives will need to recruit large down lines and a large customer base to create a meaningful residual income.


Ampegy’s approach is similar to Excel’s approach in the early 90’s – make a list of people you know, make 3 way calls with your sponsor, keep up home and hotel meetings and speak to anyone with 3 feet about your business.There seems to be little or no emphasis on internet marketing and using technology to reach the almost 2 billion people on the internet.

To be successful with Ampegy, you will need to be very successful generating leads, recruiting, and acquiring customers. Top income producers use a combination of both offline and online marketing techniques – including allurement marketing, a well designed sales funnel “system” that allows them to generate affiliate commissions while building their business and online tools that allow them to reach out to millions of possible customers. Lastly, you need to find a successful, experienced, marketing mentor and coach that will be there for you and work with you.

Ampegy is newcomer, but connected with a long- established, successful company. It is definitely a authentic business opportunity. The industry in my opinion has the ideal product and the timing is right. If you are looking for a home based business, I would encourage you to give Ampegy and the industry strong consideration.

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