After 12 years Golden State Warriors Make It To The Playoffs Again

When the Golden State Warriors made it to the playoffs the last time, Chris Mullin was on the team. After missing the post season for 12 years, Mullin returned to sculpt the entry of the current club’s return to the postseason.

It was in 1994 that the Warriors with Mullin played the first round series against the Phoenix Suns and from then on it has been a series of losses and embarrassment until Baron Davis, Jason Richardson, Stephen Jackson and Al Harrington took it upon themselves to rule the Warriors back to the post season after nearly 13 years.

Mullin is now an executive vice president of basketball operations with the Golden State Warriors.

The Warriors at 42-40 beat Portland to clinch the eighth identify in the Western Conference and they will be playing the Dallas Mavericks in the first round. After celebrating their entry into the postseason, coach Don Nelson has started earnest preparations to confront the mighty Mavericks.

Nelson said that it was the team’s goal to make it to the postseason. It was goal that was set at the beginning of the season but things did not look too good for the team for most of the season. Nelson thinks that by the end of the season, the Golden State were the hottest team in the league and have managed to unprotected to quite a lot. He gave all the credit to the players. He acknowledged that his team was not a great team but insisted that they were good.

It was about time that the Golden State made it to the playoffs as the fans have endured 620 losses, 8 coaching changes and countless changes in the organization in the last 12 years.

Golden State have lost a few good players in Gilbert Arenas, Antawn Jamison and Larry Hughes. They have had other good players but they were outnumbered by the spent veterans and occasional radiance by younger players along with disappointing picks in the draft.

When Mullin took over the Warriors’ basketball operations three seasons ago, he began assembling a team that could play a fast game that he had played under coach Nelson. When Nelson became obtainable and was willing to return last summer, Mullin got rid of coach Mike Montgomery in Nelson’s favor.

Warriors finished the regular season with a 16-5 run and this included 9 wins from their last 10 games. And now the Warriors will be hosting their first playoff game since 1994 on April 27, 2007.

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