Adding a Blog to Your Online Business

Adding a Blog to Your Online Business

There is absolutely nothing wrong with running a well planned and laid out static website which is meant to make money online. The problem arises with the limited amount of pages that you can rank for. In the webmaster world there is a lot of talk about long tailed keywords which carry a small amount of traffic and possible income. These long tailed keywords also have much less competition than the generic terms which is why they are considered worth going after. You can start building traffic when targeting these keywords much quicker than if you try and target generic keywords. The great thing about a blog is as you write posts you can make the post title the long term keyword. This method you can create posts that target these keywords then build a few links to rank well for the keywords. These small traffic keywords really start adding up and can equal the amount of traffic you would get for ranking at the top of Google for a major keyword or term.

If you already have a website that is targeting some main keywords adding a blog is quite a bit simpler than you think. The traffic that a blog can add to your online business is definitely worth the work, but with this traffic and the storage needed it is a good idea to buy hosting if you have not already done so. My favorite hosting program is which will give you unlimited hosting and bandwidth move for less than five dollars per month. They also make installing WordPress extremely easy because they offer an installer when you buy the hosting. For some this is not an option if they are using free hosting for their website such as the hosting over at These people can nevertheless create a blog, but risk the chance of reaching their storage limit or bandwidth move limit.

One way around these limits when you have a website which you cannot add a blog on the same domain is creating a blog on one of the many free sets around the web such as,, or When creating the free blog make sure you brand it the same way you branded your website and in the navigation add a link back to your main website. You should also link from your main website to your blog so the people who like your website will be able to follow your blog for updates and new content. When you create a blog it is important to burn a satisfy using feedburner which will allow your traffic to subscribe. Another excellent characterize of feedburner is it will take your satisfy and put it in a HTML format which will allow you to post your blog updates on your website. Every time you update your blog it will show on your website which will let your traffic know they need to click and read the newest update. Make sure to publish the blogs satisfy where the traffic coming to your static website will easily find it. Usually the best place to publish the blogs satisfy is above the fold.

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