Abstinence Vs Sobriety

Abstinence Vs Sobriety

When deciding to get clean or sober, in some situations both, it doesn’t matter what your addiction is. Whether it is alcohol, drugs, gambling, food, sex or tobacco. Addiction is the problem and stopping in any case yours is, is a start. But, there is so much more to sobriety than just stopping. Living a life of just abstinence without sobriety (recovery) is a fast way to relapse and go right back to where you stopped at.

In recovery, the information Sobriety method so much more than being abstinent from alcohol and drugs. Abstinence is something that can be forced on a person by circumstances and by others, in addition. While Sobriety is a lifelong personal commitment that requires effort and dedication to living a different lifestyle than we were before. Everything must change. Our way of thinking to how we manager stress if we want to live a life of sobriety and not just abstinence.

There is literally so many different ways to phrase being sober but not in sobriety. What it all comes down to is are you an addict/alcoholic? Okay, I am an addict. Did you stop using drugs or alcohol? Yes, I no longer get high. I stopped using heroin. Are you working on your recovery? Yes, I am working on my recovery on a daily basis. There you have it, three pretty simple questions. To see if you are living a life of sobriety or are you just being abstinent from drugs and alcohol and minus the recovery course of action.

Abstinence vs Sobriety- Which one do you want? I know that I chose a life of sobriety and it has been the best decision I ever made. I tried abstinence before and I didn’t get high but I was miserable and nevertheless living and acting like I was in my addiction. Today, I will choose sobriety because it is my priority! Please, make it yours.

I would like to say one more thing. This is to you, reading this right now. I do not care if you are the addict/alcoholic or someone you love is. Either way, you are experiencing. No matter what in life is your obstacle only you really know. I am not here to estimate you or anyone else. I’m saying this so you always know that you’re an amazing person who’s worthy of living a life of happiness and free from the pain you’ve been living with. Let it go and free you. You are worth it!

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