About Relocatable Homes

About Relocatable Homes

Relocatable homes are extremely popular in areas where labour and building sets are either too expensive or are not obtainable at all. Relocatable homes started out as place for people to stay in far away and secluded areas where work sites were set up. Today they are complex and sometimes indistinguishable from on-site built homes.

What are Relocatable Homes?

Relocated homes are also known as prefabricated homes, which are manufactured or assembled in factories and are then transferred to the house plot. These homes were earlier marketed as mobile homes that could be transferred around and so was a requirement of people on the move. An example of a mobile home is a trailer which is usually attached to the back of the car or truck. Over the years these houses started becoming larger and were made to be set up in one place permanently on a masonry foundation.


Relocatable homes are unfortunately a target of stereotypes, like they are cheap and trailer park homes, which is not true anymore. They have become an easy and functional option for people who want a prefabricated home and don’t want to go by the hassle of building a home from scratch. This has caused quite a negative impact on transportable homes, like the fact that their value depreciates quicker than site built homes; they are consequently not used as viable collateral for housing mortgages and also have a higher rate on interest. This has resulted in it being compared more to a motor means loan than to a home mortgage loan.

As they are sometimes wrongly compared to trailer parks, many zoning committees have too many restrictions on relocatable home on particular sites. They have restrictions on the number of houses allowed to already what colour the exterior walls should be. Some zoning commissions don’t already allow single wide homes anymore.

Positive Changes

Things are changing in the field of manufactured homes with new developments and innovations resulting in classier and more lasting relocatable homes. Today these homes have to be taken to the site by way of a flat bed in the case of a modular home or on axles in the case of certain modular homes and manufactured homes. They are then permanently set up on a concrete bed. The roof of the house in transported separately, which makes the manufactured home look no different than a site built home. This has also resulted in the reducing of the depreciation value and afterward already the interest rates have reduced, too.

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