A Review of the Uniden BC72XLT Handheld Scanner

A Review of the Uniden BC72XLT Handheld Scanner

I have heard a lot of good comments about the Uniden BC72XLT Scanner, so when my scanner broke down, I thought I could give this one a try. I wasn’t wrong about doing this, though. Uniden is a great scanner developer and there’s no doubt about the brand’s quality. So I assessed the Uniden BC72XLT Handheld Scanner as a guide for other people out there who are also thinking about getting this form.


The Uniden BC72XLT Scanner is designed to be compact and flexible for ease of use. It’s definitely lightweight and portable, and there’s no doubt that the scanner is very easy to function. The dimensions of the unit are 2.75” x 1.25” x 4.5” and it weighs a insignificant 5.8 ounces – extremely easy to carry around and travel with. The black body is great for keeping the device long-lasting because it doesn’t show much for a long time. The NASCAR logo adds a touch to the aesthetics of this form and I think that’s a good addition to the device, since I do like racing.

The LCD characterize is backlit with an orange LED that makes reading the information on the screen a lot easier already in various lighting conditions. However, I don’t really adore the long antenna of this form, but I know it has something to do with the roles and reception so I don’t mind it anyway.

Scanning and Audio Output

This scanner is very functional and easy to use. The reception is excellent and there are 100 channels that you can choose from. You can save the channels in 10 different storage edges and you have the freedom to set them according to at all event category you want. Each group can have 10 channels so all channels are possible to be stored in a bank. This lets you search and examine by the specific kind of frequencies that you want to tune in to, whether they’re the police, fire, emergency, or other service department frequencies.

The device also has the Close Call RF Capture Technology which is a trademark of Uniden. This allows you to receive frequencies that are actively transmitting in your nearby neighborhood, allowing you to stay updated with the events in the local surroundings. The Pager Screen prevents the transmission of pager signals when you’re on close call so you won’t be interrupted by pager signals in nearby houses. Scanning by the channels is also very easy because of the two-second delay function which only changes the channel once the current frequency has been idle for two seconds. This allows reception of late responses so you won’t miss any activity.

The maximum audio output of this device is 490 mW which is truly excellent for its size. The built-in speaker is an 8-ohm dynamic kind with a diameter of 32 mm. Other Features

There are many other features of this device which includes the Lock-out function that allows you to skip over stated frequencies for faster scanning and searching. There are six preset service edges which are separated according to their categories namely police, fire, emergency, aircraft, ham radio, marine, and weather edges. The meaningful lock keeps you steady on the frequency you’re tuned in to and prevents accidental setting changes. There’s also a memory back-up that keeps the saved channels already if the device runs out of strength. And you also have two options for strength source – AC/DC or batteries, and you can already use rechargeable batteries for a more economical choice.


It’s clear to me that the Uniden BC72XLT Handheld Scanner is one of the best models that I can get, and these specifications are actual proof. The best thing about this is that it has great reception which I would never trade with another device. So if you’re thinking about getting the Uniden BC72XLT Scanner, then you don’t have to think twice anymore. I hope this review has enlightened you the way I was when I used this unit.

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