4 Reasons To Attend A TEDx Conference

4 Reasons To Attend A TEDx Conference

TED Talks are a source of inspiration for a lot of people who want to become better leaders. Thousands of people get together and listen to the speakers at TEDx Talks events. The recordings of these events are watched by millions of people across the globe. If you have no idea why you should attend a TEDx event, you should read this article.

Let’s talk about 4 reasons to attend these conferences.

Smart People

You may have heard that you should learn to earn the smart way, not the hard way. Smart people use their brains to get a lot of things done in a smaller time period, and they make a lot of money without putting in a lot of effort. TEDx attendees are intelligent, engaging and different. You may already get the opportunity to meet guests who are not already specialized speakers and they give their specialized insight on different subjects.

All of this will give you tons of personal in addition as specialized experiences. As a matter of fact, the speakers will make you feel smart, especially when you stand up before them and ask questions.

bright speakers

What you need to keep in mind is that you will find a lot of hidden gems at TEDx events. for example, you will get a chance to shake hands with Harlan Cohen who is the bestselling author at New York Times. except this, you may see Avery Friedman and Cara Lemieux.

You may also find some local stars and low profile professionals. Listening to them speaking on the stage can be a true game changing experience for you. You will meet bright people including business executives, authors, college deans, politicians and educators, just to name a few. Although you can watch these talks on the Internet in addition, getting a chance to see them in person is a great experience.

The format

You may want to keep in mind that TEDx talks are not the talks that happen during typical workshops. At the event, the speakers sit in batches of 4 or 5. Each of the speakers gets around 8 to 12 minutes to speak on their subject. After a presentation block, there is a coffee break for 15 minutes followed by a 60-minute lunch period. During this time, you can talk to your favorite speakers or professionals.

The Impact

You may be thinking that TEDx talks proportion the same theme, but the subject matter of each talk is different. So, you get a chance to learn something new during each talk. Not all talks may change your life, but you will nevertheless find one that can change your life in one way or the other. The fact of the matter is that TEDx events will help you be a better person. Most people say the same thing.

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