16 Christmas Gift Alternatives to Video Games for Kids in 2010

Everyone knows that kids love video games. They’re on nearly every child’s wish list between the ages of 7-17. But at some point, you have to surprise if kids play video games just a bit too much. So this year, instead of getting them another Xbox 360 or Wii game, consider these electronic alternatives to video games. To make it easier, I’ve broken down each gift idea based on the kind of video games your kid is interested in. You’ll also be surprised to know that these gifts are less than the cost of a associate of games or a single video game console such as the PlayStation 3.

Musician: (Guitar Hero, Rock Band, DJ Hero):

Kids love music-based video games. Games like Rock Band and DJ Hero are huge hits. But wouldn’t learning to truly play a musical instrument or DJ equipment be a better use of your child’s time? If so, consider the following gifts.

– DJ equipment

– Fender Starcaster guitar

– Midi keyboard

– Digital drum pad

Photography (Pokemon, The Sims, World of Warcraft – because of the imagery and fact that so many people enjoy taking and displaying screen shots):

Some kids love games because they are bright, colorful or have interesting art direction and presentation. Also, kids love to play different world simulations where they often take screen shots of themselves in action. If you have a kid that enjoys playing games such as The Sims or The World of Warcraft than they might enjoy taking photos and videos in the real-world. Consider getting them a nice digital or video camera. The new Flip video camera is a great example. And ofter they’re done taking photos, they’ll want to characterize them in some way so consider a nice quality photo printer and/or digital picture frame.

– Digital camera

– Video camera

– Photo printer

– Digital picture frame

Scientist (StarCraft, Halo, Mario Galaxy, Trama Center):

If you have a child that is interested in futuristic or medical games such as StarCraft or Trama Center than you might have a future scientist on your hands. Kids interested in science fiction are also often interested in…science! Consider getting them a microscope or telescope that can connect to a computer or projector. This will provide literally unlimited entertainment and the kids will learn a great deal about science.



Artist (Castlevania, Harvest Moon, LittleBigPlanet):

If your child like games that are task oriented like Castlevania or Harvest Moon or they enjoy games that require you to make your own game such as LittleBigPlanet than they clearly like to dig in and get involved in the game and it’s artwork. If your child enjoys these types of games and they also enjoy painting or drawing than consider getting them tools to help them further their art hobby. Color laser printers have come down in price considerably in price over the years and are far superior compared to ink jet for printing art. In addition, consider some graphic design software or a graphics tablet for a PC so they can begin learning skills that may end up being very useful later in life.

– Color laser printer

– Graphics tablet

– Magna studio Debut 4 Win/Mac

Sports Equipment (Madden 2011, Kinect, Dance Dance dramatical change):

Kids that like playing sports games such as Madden Football 2011, NBA 2K11 or Dance Dance dramatical change are likely to be interested in sports and fitness outside of the virtual vicinity. If your kid is big into sports than consider getting them some cool gear to get them out and active. The Nike+ iPod kid would be a great kit as would a GPS watch or fish finder for those that enjoy the outdoors.

– Nike + iPod kit

– GPS watch

– Fish Finder

All of these products are obtainable on Amazon and will be a big hit with your children, grandchildren or whomever the child in your life is.

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