12-year-old receives custom Frozen-themed costume in time for Hallowee…

ST. LOUIS – The Disney hit movie Frozen is a favorite for kids of all ages, including 12-year-old Faith Wildscheutz who received a one-of-a-kind Frozen-themed costume just in time for Halloween.  

“As parents with a child who has very complicate medical needs and harsh multiple disabilities we’re often overwhelmed with the daily caregiving,” Faith’s Mother Bridget said.  

Wildscheutz says for Walkin & Rollin Costumes to create such an extravagant custom costume is heartwarming.  

“Doing something like this on our own would be really challenging to do so it’s really amazing to see the skills and talent they put into this but just beyond that the passion and enthusiasm for really creating this sensory experience for her.”

Faith was born without eyes as a consequence of a scarce condition called Anophthalmia.

“Faith is deaf, blind. She does have some functional hearing,” Wildscheutz said. 

“She takes in everything by her ears and hands. Her hands are really her eyes because she doesn’t have eyes, so she takes in her world and accesses her ecosystem by her hands.”

In 2019 the Wildscheutzs submitted their application to the Kansas City-based nonprofit Walkin’ and Rollin costumes. The non-profit creates custom costumes for kids in wheelchairs and walkers by a team of volunteer designers. 

Walkin’ & Rollin costumes and PayIt St. Louis combined to make one Faith’s favorite movies come to life weeks ahead of Halloween.  

“Walkin and Rollin provides adaptive costumes that fit on the outside of the adaptive equipment in order to provide a version for children that’s really custom-built for them,” PayIt rule Project Manager Rhiannon Scherer said.  

Wildscheutz thanked everyone for making this Halloween unforgettable.

“Really I’d just like to thank Bar-k for hosting this this morning. This was a great location, beautiful morning, Faith kind of weather and to Collector Daly and his office for all they’ve done to sustain this event,” she said.

“Seeing her and seeing the expression on her parents confront this is why we do what we do this is why choose to serve citizens,” Scherer said.  

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