10 Effective Ways to Whiten Teeth

How does one possess a beautiful smile? Of course you have to agree that heredity cannot be singled out. Lifestyle and attitude also play part in the maintenance or already having a sweet smile.

But what if you can not incorporate a do-it-yourself way to your busy lifestyle so as to have a smile makeover transform your simple smile into a rather healthy and “infectious” one? In this case, a specialized treatment by a dentist might be the best cure.

The following article provides an The following is 10 effective ways to whiten teeth.

White teeth play an important role to creating a beautiful smile. You want to quickly bleach stains the plaque just by the simple way?

The following is 10 effective ways to whiten teeth, Please refer.

Method 1: Use 1 tablespoon lemon juice, a fresh mix with a small spoon of salt. Use a toothbrush dipped this combination to brush your teeth, stained patches will quickly disappear.

Method 2: Regularly eating vegetables and fruits such as apples, celery, carrots, cabbage, lettuce… Natural acidity of the plant along with the fiber-high apples help sort out your plaque and teeth whiter.

Method 3: Use a brush apple cider vinegar – this way not only white but also clean the teeth.

Method 4: Use a combination of sodium carbonate and water to remove yellow stains on teeth.

Method 5: Take half a teaspoon of baking soda mix with a little water. Use this combination to brush away the tooth brush, if applied regularly, that you will unprotected to the desired whiteness.

Method 6: Bite strawberry and leave for five minutes. Strawberry mild detergent to clean the stains. Or you can also crushed and mixed with strawberry toothpaste to brush your teeth stains.

Method 7: Bake a bread crumbs until charred crust. Shaving class fire and mixed with toothpaste, rub this combination of strong teeth before bed.

Method 8: If you care to eat only sugar, in addition to nourishing effects, sugarcane also keep teeth white and clean by chewing, sugar cane fiber (bagasse) to rub it rub on the teeth, help teeth clean and teeth white.

Method 9: Use a private quay cranes carefully rub the stain on the teeth, the teeth will quickly return the ball clean.

Method 10: Use dry powder of laurel leaves with dried lemon peel rub the teeth, your teeth will be strong and brighter than before.

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